September 4, 2015

posted Sep 4, 2015, 12:30 PM by Kurt Gergler

Hello Families!

We have been so happy to see your children in school this week. BES is alive with the positive energy that comes from children. Opening weeks are happy weeks. All our work to get ready for this school year set us up for a beautiful opening.

As a new staff member, I have thoroughly enjoyed learning about the culture of BES. I have found that the students and staff are happy to be here. I hear greetings, laughter and engaged conversations all day long. Students and staff have done an amazing job making me feel welcome. Allow me to report that my investigation has revealed that your children are in great hands!

I was happy to see nearly all families at Open House. That told me that you all value your school and your child’s education. I enjoyed the buzz in the school that night, as well as the party on the playground sponsored by the PTO. I missed the pizza but did have a shot at Girl Scout cookies! Meeting Bowgie, the Bow Recreation mascot was a hoot.

All and all I found the opening to be great.

As I reflect on it I realized that I didn’t push out enough information to our new families around BES basics. Simple items such as drop off, pick up and accessing the school are not so simple if you are new to a school. Allow me to share a little here:


If you drive your child to school, enter the grounds from the big parking lot to the left of the Memorial School. Avoid turning right onto our Bus Loop as we preserve that for busses at drop off and dismissal. Rather, turn right into the staff lot when you can see the building around the trees. This is a one way parking lot so arc around counter clockwise. Follow the line of cars and stop near the building. It is best to have your child seated on the passenger side of the car so they can pop out and not walk between cars. BES staff are there to help children cross the bus loop. Adults can just stay in their car and leave when the coast is clear.


Just like the morning, enter the school grounds and avoid turning right onto the bus loop. Rather, park in either parking lot in front of you. You may have better luck finding a spot in the parking lot to your left. Walk into the building to sign out your child in the lobby. We call car riders last, so plan on 2:25 or so before we dismiss the children. You can certainly arrive a bit earlier and socialize with other parents in the front entranceway.


We are a locked school to increase the safety for the children. Approach the front door and ring the bell to your right (silver button). Smile for the camera above the button and wait to be welcomed inside. Turn right and right again into the office.


Our new website is We encourage you to poke around to see what it has to offer. You will find all sorts of information. This is a new site for this school year so there are some content yet to be updated. I ask that you do look at the Student-Parent Handbook. The link for the handbook is under Students and Parents on the site.


I mentioned the PTO put on the party on the playground at Open House. If you visited them you would have see the new BES spiritwear. They are launching this project for this fall so look for order forms and opportunities to buy BES spiritwear soon.

Have you ever sent in a note telling the school that your child is going home a different way? Have you ever sent in that “Please dismiss my child for a 1:15 appointment” note? Well, we are going to launch an online method to submit these notes. There is a NH company that started with middle school students who noticed the school secretary working with piles of these notes everyday. They then wrote a program so parents could send in electronic notes. Fast forward, now the company is nationwide! Check it out at We will give you more information soon as we hope to try this starting in October.


Kurt Gergler


Mark your calendar:

September 7th - Labor Day - No School

September 16th - PTO Meeting - Library 7:00PM (instead of September 9th)

September 30th - Early Release (No PreK) - Students are dismissed at 12:15.

October 9th - NEA Day - No School

October 12th - Columbus Day - No School

November 9th - Parent/Teacher Conference Day - No School

November 10th - Early Release (No PreK) Parent/Teacher Conferences - Students are dismissed at 12:15

November 11th - Veteran’s Day - No School

November 25th - 29th - Thanksgiving - No School

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