September 18, 2015

posted Sep 18, 2015, 1:27 PM by Kurt Gergler   [ updated Sep 18, 2015, 1:41 PM ]

Hello Families,

For you night owls out there, be sure to check out the sky for the Northern Lights tonight. I understand that there will be a nice show. Whether you are able to show this event to your child or not, it is a great time to talk about how the sun emits energy known as coronal mass ejections, or CME. CMEs generate currents of charged particles, which flow along lines of magnetic force into the polar regions of earth. This energy collides with the oxygen and nitrogen atoms in the atmosphere and, well, illuminate! Not quite the same, but one could liken it to static electricity flowing between objects that can be seen in a dark room. Remember rubbing your feet on the carpet in the winter time and touching a friend? Zap!

Here at BES, we are exploring our world. This week children explored the effects of dye on tied up t-shirts, made GIANTS to scale while working with measurement, learned the shape of a circle through dancing, found patterns in numbers on a grid to build number concepts, shared about their soul (“I’m a child and have the soul of a tiger”) and watched the reaction of milk poured over green beans. Yes, that last one was done completely without adult interference!

The PTO met on Wednesday evening to review the year’s events. The next event at BES will be the option for families to buy BES spiritwear! The clothing is of high quality and looks great. Look for those order forms soon.

On the first page of our website, you will find a calendar. On this calendar you will see all activities that occur at BES, including activities sponsored by other organizations. We post this so you can check here to check on practices and meetings after school.

The front office staff will meet on Monday to be trained on the Pick-up Patrol system. Remember this is a way to give families an option to go online to submit a change in after school plans. This may eliminate paper notes and families won’t have to worry about putting a note in a backpack and “hope” it makes it to the teacher! More details next week.

As a school, we pay attention to all sorts of things. We watch student progress, the timing of lessons, the flow of the bus and car lines, the emotional comfort of the children and on and on. Something new is coming later this fall, a survey for children to inform us how they think school is going. We will ask them questions about their classroom and school experiences around instruction, comfort and connectedness. The survey is managed online by a company called Panorama. The plan is for the students to take the survey at the end of October or the first of November. This information will help us understand how we are doing from the eyes of the students.

In the spring, we will ask the students to take the survey again. This will tell us if we were able to adjust to their needs and give us information as we plan for next year. Also in the spring, we will survey families and school staff. The adult information will inform us of their thoughts and allow us to also use that information as we plan for the next year.

Some of you remember the SBAC state test that was given to 3rd and 4th graders last spring. Well, the results of that test are almost ready for release! We hope to be able to send the reports home to our current 4th graders around conference time. The state will also make results available online around that same time.

In the handbook (under Parents on the website  you will see a short list of items that we don’t want to see in school. They are: any aerosol container, flip flops, electronic toys, personal electronic equipment, cell phones, weapon toys or other items associated with violent play, any other items deemed unsafe and/or distracting or disruptive to the learning process. We are seeing an increase of Pokemon cards and flip flops at school. Though the cards alone are not a problem, the children are trying to trade. We worry about unfair trading and upset children. So, please keep the Pokemon cards at home. Flip flops are challenging at school as they keep falling off!

Have a great weekend!


Kurt Gergler


Mark your calendar:

September 29th - Picture Day

September 30th - Early Release (No PreK) - Students are dismissed at 12:15.

October 5th - Blue Shirt Day, wear blue to say “no” to bullying

October 9th - NEA Day - No School

October 12th - Columbus Day - No School

November 9th - Parent/Teacher Conference Day - No School

November 10th - Early Release (No PreK) Parent/Teacher Conferences - Students are dismissed at 12:15

November 11th - Veteran’s Day - No School

November 25th - 29th - Thanksgiving - No School

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