October 9, 2015

posted Oct 13, 2015, 11:10 AM by Kurt Gergler

Hello Families,

There were many lessons from the week.

Inspiring: Over 500 BES family members, all the staff and students who came to school on Monday, arranged themselves in the letters of BES in under 15 minutes for a picture. This shows the amazing teamwork and community mindedness of our school. The resulting picture is on the BES website. (Yes, it is heavily photo-shopped as it took many pictures with “school quality camera equipment” to capture the entire group.) We did this as part of our Wear Blue Day in support of respectful behavior. We chatted about taking care of each other. We danced our way back to class. Kinda fun.

A Thoughtful Pause: Incidents of disrespect have been about the same since the event. We do know that a one time event does not create change. So we continue to work on respect and caring. We encourage all adults, school folks and home folks, to purposely take some time to discuss taking care of each other and otherwise being nice. It is a discussion that is best if it occurs when there is no problem, when the children are in a good space. We can’t wait until the child makes a mistake to teach what is expected. “What is one thing you did today that was respectful?” “What can you do when you see someone upset?” “Who did you invite to play today?” Give it a try!

Really? In 4th grade? Writers in 4th grade created pieces with rich descriptions, dialog and logical story arc. They have worked with their life’s experiences to create these pieces. Here is a sample from a rough draft, “An image popped into my mind that sent a chill up my spine. I bounded away when I got back to the shed. I looked up. Beady black eyes met mine. I saw a black, wet nose. Curved ears picked up a noise in the woods. Then it lumbered off.”

Kindergarten Children Love Fire Fighters: The Bow Fire Department has visited kindergarten this week to teach about fire safety as part of fire awareness month. We love the trucks, equipment, fire fighters and the red plastic fire helmets! Thanks to the members of BFD!

Events: Read on to learn about basketball, the Pajama Project and the Wellness Committee. Be well, wear pajamas and play basketball.

Time to play: With this four day weekend without your children attending school, let them play hard! Send them back to us on Tuesday, though.

Keep in touch.


Kurt Gergler