October 30, 2015

posted Nov 5, 2015, 4:04 AM by Kurt Gergler

Hello Families,

What is a perfect week at BES? A perfect week is one where children are engaged in school. This week was a perfect week. Allow me to share some observations, I’ll limit myself to ten:

  1. This morning children danced to music while coming in from the buses.

  2. Every morning 4th graders lead the school to the Pledge of Allegiance and read the announcements over the PA. Two different 4th graders every week. On Fridays, the next week’s team meets with the current week’s team in my office to share how it is done.

  3. Third graders used fun color names to add interest to their writing (it isn’t grey, it is charcoal; it isn’t pink, it is fruit smoothy).

  4. Preschool children graphed their favorite Halloween candy; they used a variation of a histogram, thank you very much.

  5. First graders decorated and passed out appreciation pumpkins around the school in support of their work around understanding communities.  

  6. The entire school participated in an assembly where we brought a book alive. Oh, and there was more dancing as we left the gym.

  7. The day after the assembly, kindergarteners were working on sequencing the story the school performed.

  8. Fourth graders raise and lower the flags, and fold the American Flag the proper way.

  9. Second graders built landforms in support of their studies.

  10. Middle school students sang to our children during lunch.

Thank-you for sending your children to school, they made the week! Be sure to send them next week, all rested from the possibly busy weekend. Speaking of rest, sleep is so important and many people tend to forget how important it is. So, I attached sleep information. It is a lot, but please look at it and reflect on what you read.

I am excited to share that Pickup Patrol is working very well from our perspective. We are able to see the changes in children’s plans easily, the bus drivers receive printed lists of changes, Bow Youth Center staff quickly see who is not attending their program, etc., all without notes! It is much faster and reliable than the note system. Please share your experience with me, kgergler@bownet.org.

Some of you may know, but seniors at BHS engage in Senior Projects. The general theme of these projects is to improve the world. I have met with several seniors about their projects and am impressed every time. The first one I’m writing about is the Toiletry Drive. Please read below for details.

Do you remember what I wrote at the top of this letter? All about a perfect week? Well, you too can be here for perfect weeks. We need good people to help us when staff members are out. The hours are PERFECT for adults that care for children, we need you when the children are in school. Read below for details.

This is the weekend to turn your clocks back at 2:00 AM Sunday morning. We will return to Standard Time.

Keep in touch,

Kurt Gergler

“Bow Goes Purple” Toiletry Drive

Collection Drive Ends December 4th, 2015

Hello!  My name is Mia Forrest and I am a senior at Bow High School. Each year, in our "Senior Seminar" class, we are asked to complete a project that provides education and assistance to our community. For my project I have chosen to work closely with a non-profit organization named The Herren Project.  My project will support their efforts by organizing a toiletry drive for recovering addicts being treated in local halfway and sober living houses.  

As part of my senior project, I will be coordinating events throughout the community. These events are designed to support The Herren Project and their “Project Purple” initiative. Project Purple’s main mission is to assist individuals and families struggling with the disease of addiction by breaking the stigma of addiction, bringing awareness to the dangers of substance abuse and encouraging young adults to make positive decision making.

My goal is to collect three or more boxes filled by the Bow community with new toiletries to donate to The Herren Project.  They will then deliver these toiletries to facilities they work closely with. There are purple donation boxes at the community building in Bow, Bow High School and the Bow Elementary School.

Former NBA Boston Celtics player Chris Herren founded The Herren Project in 2011. He was raised in Fall River, Massachusetts and played basketball collegiately at Boston College and professionally for the Boston Celtics. Chris has suffered from substance abuse and the disease of addiction but he has since established his own organization, The Herren Project. The Herren Project provides a variety of services that can help those fighting the disease of addiction to receive the help they need. To find out more about The Herren Project visit: http://www.theherrenproject.org/.

Here is a list of items that wish to be collected:


Socks (men and women)

Shower Shoes

Deodorant (female/male)


Alcohol free mouthwash

Feminine Products


Soap (body soap)

Razors (safety)


If you have any questions, please feel free to email me at mia4portsmouth@aol.com.

How Much Sleep Is Enough for My Child?

The National Sleep Foundation set new sleep recommendations in early 2015:

          Preschoolers & Kindergarteners:    10-13 hours

          6-13 year olds:                                       9-11 hours

There has been a great deal of research on the impact of sleep loss on children in the past 20 years and these studies are showing that the costs of not enough sleep for children are enormous. The following is a summary of the findings:

  • Losing 1 hour of sleep is equivalent to losing of 2 years of cognitive maturation and development at school the next day.

  • Even the shift to later bedtimes on weekends causes kids to perform lower: 7 points lower on IQ and vocabulary tests for every hour of shift

  • Lack of sleep can impair IQ as much as lead exposure

  • Encoding the learning happening during the day takes a huge hit: sleep deprivation decreases the ability of nerve cells in the brain to grow and form the connections to solidify something in memory

  • Sleep loss decreases the body’s ability to extract glucose (a major fuel for the brain) from the bloodstream and hits the prefrontal cortex (the executive center of the brain) heaviest leading to:

  • Decreased ability to plan and make predictions

  • Decreased ability to perceive & evaluate consequences of their actions

  • Decreased impulse control and creative thinking

  • Increase in perseveration—i.e., getting stuck on mistakes

  • Sleep loss decreases the consolidation and strengthening of memory that occurs during sleep and compromises the ability to make the new inferences and associations, that lead to insight

  • Sleep loss has a negative impact on mood causing children to pay more attention to negative & unpleasant events

  • Sleep loss also plays a significant role in childhood obesity, causing:

  • increases in hormones that signal hunger

  • decreases in the hormones that suppress appetite

  • increase in the stress hormone cortisol, which stimulates the body to store fat

  • disrupts Human Growth Hormone, which has an important role in breaking down fat

  • 3 independent studies showed that school age children who get less than 8 hours of sleep have a 300% higher rate of obesity

National Sleep Foundations latest recommendations:


Review of sleep research from: Nurture Shock: New Thinking About Children, by Po Bronson and Ashley Merryman (2009).