October 2, 2015

posted Oct 13, 2015, 11:08 AM by Kurt Gergler

Hello Families,

THUMP went the backpack to the floor. SWISH went the contents across the tile. SCRAMBLE went the two children to help the owner of the backpack collect the materials and repack the pack.

A student came to the office to deliver an envelope. He couldn't quite reach the bin where the envelope belonged. Another student carried it the last three inches.

A staff member knelt down and spoke in a wondrous tone as a first grader tied his shoes. He struggled. She did not take over but encouraged with words.

And the greetings! Children wave, say, "Hello", hold hands, hug and fist bump. Adults greet children by name and ask about topics that interest the child, such as sports, pets, clothes or events. Those people who get paid to greet people at retail or food establishments have nothing on the BES family.

What does it mean to be respectful, nice, kind or caring? If you ever wonder, take some time and watch the people of BES in action. It is a heart warmer. Big kudos to you all for teaching and encouraging this in your children!

On Monday we are asking everyone to wear blue to honor respect, kindness and caring. When we are taking care of everyone every day, we are not putting people down, hurting others or bullying. Technically, Monday is anti-bullying awareness day on a national scale. Locally at BES, we are celebrating, honoring and reminding each other that the BES path is to take care of everybody every day.

With us all in blue, we thought it would be great to snap a photo! We will gather, all 500 or so humans, and the photographer will step back and snap. The more blue the better! Look for the results of that on our website sometime after Monday.


Kurt Gergler