October 16, 2015

posted Oct 19, 2015, 10:35 AM by Kurt Gergler

Hello Families,

Julie Bassi, our school psychologist, Doug Bonema, our guidance counselor and Martha Hickey, one of our teachers of first grade had an idea last spring. They wondered about the effectiveness of their work at BES  that support children.. They knew that BES was working in the right direction as they noticed children acting as positive community members and using skills taught in class. As they are reflective thinkers, they wanted to measure the change.

They developed an action research project but needed some funds to support the measurement. The local BES budget didn’t include this work so they sought grant funding. Well, THE WON A GRANT! The Greater Concord Chamber of Commerce awarded them a business grant at the Tuesday night Chamber celebration. We are proud of their work, initiative and thinking. We are excited to see how the project unfolds.

At BES many professionals engage in action research. We use this tool as a way to both improve the educational experience for the children and to grow our own professional skills. We measure effectiveness of instructional practices such as writing programs or math intervention or integrated learning activities such as a technology project. This reflective practice improves our school!

Student Survey

About a month ago we shared of a student survey, Panorama, that we will be administering in 3rd and 4th grades.  The time for administering the survey is near.

BES will be administering a survey to students asking for their feedback in the areas of sense of belonging, expectations and rigor, pedagogical effectiveness and grit.  This survey will take place the week of November 2nd.

The data from this survey will be used to help us reflect on our program.  Students in grades 3-12 will participate in the survey.  Data will be reported out in aggregate form by building.  A percent of positive responses will be calculated for each of the four areas.  Student responses will be confidential.  The survey is designed so that there is no identifiable information between students’ responses and the resulting aggregate data.  

Garnering feedback from stakeholders in a formal manner is part of our strategic plan.  Family surveys and faculty surveys will follow in the spring.  Aggregate data from all of these surveys will allow us a wide angle look at our program.

We look forward to receiving feedback from our students.  If you do not want your student to participate in this survey please contact Kurt Gergler at BES on or before October 30, 2015, to let us know that you are requesting your student not participate in the student survey.

We will share the survey to parents soon.

Spirit Wear

Reminder that Spirit Wear orders are due by October 23rd. If you have misplaced your order form you can find a copy on our website at http://bes.bownet.org/. It is located on the left hand side of the page.

School Pictures

School pictures have arrived and have been distributed. We hope that you are happy with your child’s photo. However, if you would like to have them try again, retake day will be on November 5th. Please send your child to school with their picture package. Students will give the packages back to the photographer and a new photo will be taken.

Pick Up Patrol

Thank you to all of you who have been using the Pick Up Patrol system. The system has been working great! There are very few paper notes coming in each day! As with anything new, we have noticed a few small glitches that are being worked out.

First, all daily messages have been coming in without issue each day. However, if a change needs to be made to your child’s permanent default setting you can do this through Pick Up Patrol, but please be sure to notify the school of the change as well. At this point PUP does not notify us when a change is made to the permanent default plan.

Second, if your child is scheduled to attend BYC and you have made a change to their schedule, please note that they “are not attending BYC” on that day. We provide a list of students who “will not” be attending BYC to the BYC staff each day and this step would be very helpful. Thank you!

BAC Basketball

Registrations are now open for Bow Athletic Club's (BAC) upcoming 2015-2016 basketball season.  Registration is open to Bow residents in grades 1 through 12.  To register, go to http://www.sportssignup.com/Bow-Athletic-Club-Online-Registration.start.  For any additional questions or information visit the BAC website at www.bowathleticclub.com or contact Bryce Larrabee (bryce_larrabee@trg.com).

“The Pajama Project”

The Bow Garden Club is collecting new pajamas and books in support of "The Pajama Project", a nationwide non-profit organization, to be given to disadvantaged children living in shelters, foster homes, etc. within New Hampshire.

New pajamas in all sizes, from infants to teens, are sorely needed before the really cold weather arrives. If you would like to donate, please drop off a pair of new pajamas and/or a new book in the collection box that is provided at Bow Elementary School.

The pajamas and books collected here and at other locations in town will be picked up by Bow Garden Club members and delivered to the NH Chapter of "The Pajama Program" by November 10th for distribution to children that really need them to make their winter just a little better.

Monetary donations are also welcome which would be used by the NH Chapter to purchase additional pajamas as needed. Contact Joyce Kimball at 229-1990 or joyceakimball@comcast.net or visit bowgardenclub.org for more information on "The Pajama Program" and how to make a monetary contribution.To learn more about the Pajama Program and its mission, "Delivering Warm Sleepwear & Nurturing Books to Children in Need", please log on towww.pagamaprogram.org.

Thank you for your support!