March 4, 2016

posted Mar 5, 2016, 2:12 PM by Kurt Gergler

Dear Families,

Over time we all become accustomed to tell tale signs that a new season is upon us. The leaves speak of fall. The red and green blur tells us winter is settling in of a long visit. Talk of sap running, town meetings and gooey mud on the roads indicate that spring is about to arrive. Standardized testing tells us that summer approaches.

The school district meeting will be at the high school next Friday, March 11th, at 7:00 PM. This is a very important meeting to determine the budget the school district will use next year. We would love to see you all there - can you see it? Elementary parents everywhere you look? Sounds great to us. Babysitting will be provided. Please come and vote on the budget, support staff contracts, teacher contracts and the other articles needed to run the district. Make your voice heard!

It is almost that time of year when schools across the nation assess the children’s skills in the reading, writing and math areas. Here in Bow, we also take time to measure how dextrous our students are in the literacy and numeracy areas. Assessment looks different across the grades. We use relatively short, teacher administered assessments, computer generated assessments and the state tests, the NECAP for science and the SBAC for reading, writing and math. The SBAC will occur in third grade in April and in fourth grade. Here is a note from our Curriculum Director, Don Gage:

Spring administration of Smarter Balanced Assessment:

As a school district we endeavor to care for each individual every day, focus on learning and teach to touch the future.  In order to help guide the work we do, to meet these three core values, we engage in self-reflection.  Formal surveys, anecdotal comments, your correspondence, awards, national recognition and most importantly student progress, help us in this process of self-reflection.

Throughout a student’s academic experience here in SAU 67, students and parents receive feedback on student progress in many forms.  Parent conferences, returned assignments, report cards, NWEA1 assessments, and SAT2 scores to name a few.  This feedback provides stakeholders with information regarding student progress that is informed by local expectations (assignments and report cards) and more global expectations (NWEA and SAT).  Again this spring students in the Bow School District (DSD) will be participating in the Smarter Balanced Assessment (SBAC3), grades 3-8.  This assessment provides feedback in English language arts and mathematics. SBAC is an adaptive digital assessment, meaning it is delivered online and student responses, to questions, will determine the complexity of the student’s next question.  Your student will experience questions that are easy for them to answer and questions that they will find challenging.  Adaptive assessments provide a more personalized reflection of student achievement.  

Our assessment portfolio provides our school district with information to guide our self-reflection and it provides parents with information regarding their students’ academic growth.  We understand that no single data point fully reflects what a student knows and can do.  We are exploring more comprehensive ways to report out students’ portfolio of data.   We expect results from SBAC sometime in the fall of 2016.

For more information regarding Smarter Balanced Assessment please contact Don Gage, SAU 67, Director of Curriculum, Instruction and Assessment  228-2210  ext 346 or

1NWEA = Northwest Evaluation Association

2SAT = Scholastic Aptitude Test

3SBAC = Smarter Balanced Assessment Consortium

4NECAP = New England Common Assessment Program

Family-School Relationship Survey

In late March families will have an opportunity to provide feedback about their schools.  Families will receive an email from Panorama Education.  The email will include a confidential unique link to a survey for the school their student attends.  Families of students in all grades will receive this invitation to participate.  We will use the primary email on file in Infinite Campus to generate the invitations.  Please be sure that your email is up to date.  Families will answer questions in four categories: School Fit, Learning Behaviors, Parent Engagement and School Climate.  Data gathered in these four areas will be reported to the public in aggregate form and no personally identifiable data is linked to any parent response.  This data will be used in conjunction with our student and faculty survey data to help inform our future strategic plans.  You can view working drafts of both the Family and Faculty surveys at the following link:!services/component_71401

Here is Don Gage’s note on the survey process, we will repeat this piece a few times so you are ready for the email in a couple of weeks:


As part of our process of collecting feedback from stakeholders our family survey will open March 23, 2016.

What you should expect:

-You will receive an email from Panorama Education with "Request for your Feedback: SAU 67 Family Survey" in the subject line.

-The email will be sent on March 23, please check your spam folder if you do not receive an email.

-The email will include a link to a confidential survey(s).

-You will receive one survey per school in which you have a child enrolled.

-Once you have submitted your survey(s) the link will become inactive.

-The survey window will open on March 23 and close April 6, 2016.

If you have questions please email Don Gage, Director of Curriculum, Instruction and Assessment  (

BES Night of Songs

Like to sing? Like to dance? Want to get up on stage and perform?

Night of Songs is a PTO sponsored event for elementary students to come lip sync or karaoke a practiced routine in front of an audience. It will be the night of April 15th at 6pm. We encourage interested students to find friends to team up with and put together a performance. We will also be offering an after school enrichment session to create groups for those wanting to be involved but would like more help.


1. Get together with friends and create a performance outside of school, and fill out the goldenrod (dark yellow) form you received before vacation (includes name & artist of song, lyrics, names of group members, classroom teacher, and parent signature). That information goes to Mrs. Rader.


2. Request a permission slip for the Performing Practice after school enrichment (see link to pdf) Classroom teachers will have them available or print from the link. That form goes to Mrs. Ruest.

Dr. Seuss Family Literacy and Math Night

Families, please save the date for Wednesday, March 23rd for the Dr. Seuss Family Literacy and Math night, 5:30 - 7:00PM.  We are creating a fun and interactive event around math and reading. More information to follow.

Fourth Grade Leadership Team Project

Each of our fourth grade classrooms have a group of children working to make the world a better place. Two of the groups, Mrs. Whaland’s and Ms. Allison’s, joined forces to collect items for the local SPCA. If you can donate an item from the list below, please send it in to be added to the bins outside the front office. Thanks!

SPCA Collection Drive

Here are some items needed for the homeless animals at the SPCA shelter:

Small Animal Water Bottles

Small Animal (Guinea Pig, Rabbit) Wooden chew items (the larger the better)

Hooded/Covered Cat Beds

Zukes mini treats for dogs

Peanut Butter

Canned Pumpkin

Soft/cloth cat toys

KMR Kitten Formula

Gift Cards to Staples, Petco, PetSmart, Sandy’s Pet Food Center or any local vets

Love your pets and keep in touch,

Kurt Gergler