June 17, 2016

posted Jun 17, 2016, 12:04 PM by Kurt Gergler

Hello Families!

Yesterday I greeted a child coming off the bus in the morning. She was crying. I chatted with her and found out that she was sad because school is ending. No one likes seeing a crying child so my heart sank a little, then I pointed out to her that she is crying because she loved the school year. She agreed she loved the year, but assured me she would be sad all day. We gave each other fives and off she went.

I walked away to greet other children and then thought that BES is crying good. That is my slogan for today as I celebrate the end of a great year with the children, staff and families. Many of us will be sad to see everyone leave because it is so wonderful working here; it is easy to see joy every single day.

Wrapped inside the 2015-16 school year’s 180 days, 1,157 hours and 69,420 minutes were 4,165,200 seconds worth of those little moments that make life at BES so great.

BES, it is cryin’ good!

Keep in touch.


Kurt Gergler