June 10, 2016

posted Jun 17, 2016, 12:03 PM by Kurt Gergler

Hello Families!

Remember in 1980 when Celebration by Kool and the Gang came out? It was played all over and at so many events for years. You still hear it around. Last Thursday, for instance, BES had our Education Fair and as I walked around the building all I could here was that song in my head. It was AMAZING to see the work of the children displayed, children pulling family members around to see the projects and the family members reacting to the work. It was a true celebration of a year of learning. We are so appreciative of the efforts of the staff, students and families to support the wonderful work at BES! You all rocked it!

The celebration of JoAnn Willemssen’s career at BES is nearing the end. She taught the first music class and produced the first concert at BES when the building opened and she already produced her last concert and will teach her last class next week. She has built a dynamic and celebratory music program through knowledge, skill, passion and constant refining. She has launched many children into success as members of the BMS and BHS (and CHS and RJHS years ago) choruses and bands.  Her love of children, music and Bow served her students well. It is difficult to accept the thought of BES music without Ms. Willemssen, but, accept we must.

On a personal note, Ms. Willemssen was hired at BES when I was in 5th grade. She taught the younger students so I did not have her. Consequently, I have spent this year getting to know her for the first time, and have found that I deeply respect her and her work. It is like I had a second chance to meet a member of my family and was unwilling to miss the chance. I have been fostering a growing sadness around the time I missed as witness to her music leadership. Perhaps you do the same, but for me, sadness is an opportunity. The opportunity we now have is to play, sing and dance with abandon out of respect of her and her fine work. Do Re Mi, Ms. Willemssen, may the Yellow Brick Road rise up to meet you and Toto as you glide into the next chapter of your life. The door is always open with a place at the table for you.

Another individual we are celebrating is Sergeant Margaret Lougee, our School Resource Officer. She was just named the 2016 New Hampshire School Emergency Preparedness Award winner. We are proud of her work and because of her work we are comforted. When you see her around, give her a thumbs up!

Many children are celebrating the end of the school year. We BES adults have a few items ahead of us to make the end of year experience fun, unifying and memorable. There will be laughter. Next week is a crazy busy week for the school. We have a school meeting on Monday, Spirit Day on Tuesday, Meet and Greet with our next year’s teacher on Thursday and the final assembly on the last day, Friday. Then the children leave. At that point our collective energy dips with the realization that the children are gone. We will look at each other and then realize that it is time for summer. There will be laughter and hugs. We then launch into our summer work to continue to set up the 2016-2017 school year. The cycle continues.

You have been amazing families! You have supported your children and your school all year long and we are grateful. It certainly can be humbling to work in Bow and you are the reason for that. Our hats are off to you as we celebrate your efforts to make BES the BEST!

Celebrate good times, come on!

Keep in touch.


Kurt Gergler