January 29, 2016

posted Feb 4, 2016, 4:35 AM by Kurt Gergler

Dear Families,

We at BES are excited to support wellness activities for our BES family. Two weeks ago we shared a parent survey to gather information around wellness activities. We have had 39 people respond to the survey. You may recall that on the survey we listed wellness activities and asked for people to show if they are interested in that event for their child or family. The results follow:

Outdoor Vegetable Garden at School: 27

After School Walking/Hiking club: 23

Family Yoga:         20

Indoor Hydroponic Garden: 16

Child Yoga:         16

Ice Skating Party:         14

Star Gazing Night Walk:         13

Family Cardio:         11

After School Running Club: 10

Healthy Snack Preparation Night:  8

Child Cardio:          6

Evening Meeting on Stress Management:4

Before school Walking Club:  1

Evening Meeting on Healthy Eating:  1

We also left a spot on the survey for additional ideas and received the following:

Fun Science Class

Healthy child education worked into school day

Child healthy cooking/eating class

Look at the food offered through the cafeteria

Learn to cross country ski for families

Geocaching club or trips

Speed cup tournament

Indoor rock wall installed in the gym or cafeteria

Healthy cooking kid challenges

Family meal planning nights to share to make it easier for busy families to eat better

We now want action! We are looking for champions to take on an event. If you feel you can contribute to organize or help to organize an event, please plan on joining us at 6:00 PM on Tuesday, February 2, 2016 at BES. We will meet in the Music Room. At this meeting we will plan which events we can make happen. If you cannot attend this meeting and can help, please email me, kgergler@bownet.org.

As a review from last week I want to repeat some events coming up:

-There is no school on February 9th because of the Primary Voting Day.

-On Friday, February 12th there will be two movie events at BES. Families are welcome to arrive at 5:00 PM for pizza, if they pre-order. https://sites.google.com/a/bownet.org/bes/about/Home/ptomovienight

Then, the parents who are interested can join me in the Music Room at 5:30 or so to see the educational film, Most Likely To Succeed. We adults can then chat about the movie after it shows. Meanwhile, the children will settle down for the Inside Out movie. This could be a fun (and informative) event! There is no need to RSVP for the educational movie, but the PTO will need to know if you will be ordering pizza in advance of the family movie.

-On Thursday, February 18th we will be hosting our 16th annual Bow Resident Senior Citizen Luncheon. The event will be in our Bow Kids’ Cafe at 11:30 AM. This is always an event that the seniors, our staff and students look forward to each year. Each class contributes to the event in a special way. There are handmade bookmarks, place mats and flowers and student led entertainment. We do our best each year to reach out to all Bow Senior citizens through postings around town, emails and mailed invitations. However, each year we learn that there is someone who has been missed. Please help spread the word to any Bow resident senior citizens that you may know and ask them to give us a call so we can put them on our RSVP list. Our amazing food Service team will be making a delicious chicken meal. Thank you for your assistance! If you are interested in volunteering for this great event please email our PTO Volunteer Coordinator, Heather Wood at hwood01@comcast.net.

Keep in touch,

Kurt Gergler