January 15, 2016

posted Jan 15, 2016, 10:05 AM by Kurt Gergler

Dear Families,

In my past I had a supervisor who used the phrase, “A wild toad ride.” Perhaps you have experience with wild toad rides, if not, this letter will be your first. I have broadly scattered bits of information to share and I fail to see how to stitch them together. No, wait, they all have to do with children. OK, I feel better.

Do you have a second grader and want to dance? Yes, you do and you know it. The country dance night for your second grader, and a few friends, will come up in February. This is another event sponsored by the PTO where the PTO funds the musician and our own Ms. Willemssen teaches the dances. Thinking about boots, hats and plaid shirts with snaps… Look for information and you will learn that this is a big deal and a hoot and a holla.

The PTO will also sponsor a family movie night on February 12th. This will include a food option! Look for information and how to sign up to buy pizza. This will be posted on the PTO site that is linked under Parents on the BES site. Stay tuned as they have fun events planned from now until summer!

As long as one person is reached the effort was worth it, right? To be honest I totally enjoyed the time with the one parent who joined me last night to see the movie Most Likely To Succeed. We had a great conversation around education and if his child will be ready for the world she will see as an adult. Nothing is more enjoyable than exchanging ideas with another interested person. Word on the street is that other parents want to come see the movie, but need child care. Is there anyone out there willing to help? Let me know. I will schedule another showing before February vacation.

Healthy children. I know sentences need verbs, but I like the way that sounds. SAU 67 has a Wellness Committee that meets to address issues ranging from food to education to activities. Some of us here at BES have chatted and would like a group to focus on BES. In particular, we want action. We know that action comes from a group of people who are passionate and are willing to step out in front to lead. We know that the right activities will gain traction. To this end, please complete a one minute survey to give us direction. If we see high interest in one thing or another, we will work on gathering small groups to move projects forward. Yes, we will ask for your help! Here is the link to the survey:


One of the many joyful things about working at BES is that we have nice resources for our children. We are forever thankful to you all for supporting us with your spirit and tax dollars. Around the world there are other schools that are not so fortunate. One of our families want to help and here is their message:

During February break, our family will be visiting a school in an undeveloped area of Costa Rica. Our second grader, Maddux, and kindergartener, Dylan, are collecting donations to bring with us. Please consider sending in item(s) if you can help. We hope to bring back pictures of the school and children we are helping to share with BES students. Any questions, please contact me, Sheri Oosterveen at oosterveen76@gmail.com

We need the items by Wednesday, February 10th and there is a box in the BES entryway. Please check the link below for more information:


Over the years I have developed a soft spot for the organization called Girls Inc. They work to inspire all girls to be strong through healthy living, smart through education and bold through independence. I take a bit of issue with the smart piece as I prefer to encourage curiosity, learning, risk taking and perseverance over the static concept of smart, but I digress and would concede that they mean the same thing. Anyway, check the link below if you are interested in the organization and/or learning how you can get your girl involved.


We are entering a three day weekend for the children and some of you. Remember, we are also not having school on February 9th due to the primary elections. These are great opportunities for great outdoor play!

Keep in touch,

Kurt Gergler