February 19, 2016

posted Feb 19, 2016, 9:43 AM by Kurt Gergler   [ updated Feb 19, 2016, 10:18 AM ]

Dear Families,

Bow Elementary School has been a busy, fun place this week. We had two nights of the Second Grade Country Dance, Read Across America events and a wonderful Senior Luncheon! Read on for more….

BES celebrated Read Across America and the birthday of Dr. Seuss this week with guest readers in the library and in classrooms and theme days at school.  Students and staff showed their reading spirit during Mixed-Up Day, Sports Day, Green Day, Hat Day and Comfy Cozy Day.  Special and fun Dr. Seuss activities happened in classrooms and lots of laughter filled our school.  We love reading!

The PTO sponsored the Second Grade Country Dance by funding the Caller and his musical partner. The children work in music class for weeks learning the dances. All this work came together beautifully on Tuesday and Wednesday nights with the cafeteria full of children and families. Our talented music teacher, JoAnn Willemssen, brought this event to BES years ago. You may know, but Ms. Willemssen will retire from teaching music at BES in June. You may remember that Ms. Willemssen has been teaching music at BES since it opened in 1979. She was actually hired to teach at BMS before BES existed! We are uneasy around the concept of letting her go.

Yesterday there was a big event at BES...the 16th Annual Senior Luncheon. It seems straightforward enough, we invite senior citizens living in Bow for a lunch in the cafeteria. As we all know, though, most things are not exactly as they appear! This seemingly simple lunch required the whole school and many parent volunteers. We are very grateful for the work of many to create a special event for the 90 guests.

-Logistics were handily accomplished through the school secretaries, Food Service staff and facilities department. These people did all the heavy lifting around advertising, organizing, setting up tables and chairs, helping with parking and food preparation.

-Decoration creation and setup was handled by second graders, third graders and parent volunteers.

-Welcoming our guests and helping them off with their coats was handled by third graders and parent volunteers.

-Food serving and attending to the needs of the guests during the meal was skillfully accomplished by fourth graders and parent volunteers.

-Entertainment included kindergarten, first grade and a small number of fourth graders.

-Special Heart Day cards were created and presented by first graders and bookmarks were created and given out by third graders.

We are extremely thankful for all who helped with this event. Our guests told us they loved it and they were so appreciative.  We love that it was, once again, a whole school event that emphasizes that great things come from people working together.

PTO Love

Have we mentioned that we love the PTO? We do! Were you at BES last Friday night for the Movie Night? That was GREAT! Thanks for all who helped and attended. It was stupendous to see all the children snuggled in watching a movie in the gym, and some children just busting moves in the hallway and in the cafeteria. Fun all around.

BES Night of Songs

Looking ahead to April 15, Tax Day, BES is celebrating music! We are hosting a BES Night of Music on the BHS stage at 6:00 PM starring our BES students lip-synching or singing karaoke to their favorite songs. Please talk to your child and see if they want to participate. If so, have them start finding a school OK song to perform. The paper advertisement for this has been sent home, look for it! (Oh, and YES, this is sponsored by the PTO.)

Dr. Seuss Family Literacy and Math Night

Families, please save the date for Wednesday, March 23rd for the Dr. Seuss Family Literacy and Math night, 5:30 - 7:00PM.  We are creating a fun and interactive event around math and reading. More information to follow.

Annual School District Meeting - IMPORTANT

The Bow School District meeting will be held Friday evening, March 11th at 7:00 PM at the BHS auditorium.  This meeting is an opportunity for all Bow voters to share their voice and their vote about the budget and other considerations related to the Bow schools.  

Family-School Relationship Survey

In late March families will have an opportunity to provide feedback about their schools.  Families will receive an email from Panorama Education.  The email will include a confidential unique link to a survey for the school their student attends.  Families of students in all grades will receive this invitation to participate.  We will use the primary email on file in Infinite Campus to generate the invitations.  Please be sure that your email is up to date.  Families will answer questions in four categories: School Fit, Learning Behaviors, Parent Engagement and School Climate.  Data gathered in these four areas will be reported to the public in aggregate form and no personally identifiable data is linked to any parent response.  This data will be used in conjunction with our student and faculty survey data to help inform our future strategic plans.  You can view working drafts of both the Family and Faculty surveys at the following link:


We wish all a wonderful school vacation week next week. We hope the children have time to play!

Keep in touch,

Kurt Gergler