April 15, 2016

posted Apr 17, 2016, 4:00 PM by Kurt Gergler

Dear Families,

As I write this I am watching dark smoke billow through the blue sky. There is a fire at the top of the hill on Manchester Street in Concord. There are mixed reports on the exact structure at this point, but it is a structure fire. I heard the Bow Fire Department sirens around 6:30 AM and I assume they are offering mutual aid. It is never good when a structure burns unexpectedly, but I want to focus on what Bow Fire Department did, respond to a mutual aid call.

As many of you know I grew up in Bow and offering mutual aid is something I remember fondly. Many of you know of Gergler Field on Albin Road. That field was built, for the most part, through mutual aid. Labor, materials and heavy machinery were all donated for the cause. That was the the fourth field in Bow - there were two at the Memorial School and one at Sargent’s Park. Bow needed more fields so a bunch of people got together to build it. The upper fields on Albin Road came later.

Fast forward to April 2016. BES now has two raised bed structures which will be used for school gardens. These were built from, you guessed it, mutual aid. A handful of people got together on April 9th to offer labor and donated materials to create the twelve by four foot beds. Just yesterday a group of children gathered to start the work of growing a garden. All this work came from volunteers. That felt like Bow to me.

Last week a group of fourth graders visited the Concord SPCA to deliver donated items and tour the facility. This was the final piece of their project. They decided to make the world a better place by supporting animals. They contacted the SPCA to see what they could do, they presented their idea to their classes, they advertised for donations and they, well, raided their own homes for animal related supplies. This group effort by the children was impressive and highlighted what a group of children can accomplish if we give them the room.

On April 15th, tonight at 6:00 PM at BHS, there will be twenty-five acts of music, lip synching mainly, featured on stage. This PTO sponsored event has been created to put a spotlight on the talent of about 87 of our children. Parents and BES staff members have worked with the children outside of the school day to help them rehearse and polish their acts. The children are very excited and the event only occurred because of the giving of time.

There can be no reference of time or group efforts without sharing more about the 4th grade play. You may have read the Concord Insider article earlier this week. You may have heard about or read announcements about the play. But to be at BES and witness the development of the play has been an honor. The creative, thoughtful and talented children have created an original musical about NH history. Let that sink in for a bit: an original musical about NH history. Now that is a fun way to learn! From the adult side, this has been a collaborative effort between the classroom staff, our teacher of music, this year’s artist in residence and a creative BHS teacher on a Christa McAuliffe sabbatical to focus on creativity. The performance will all come together on Tuesday, April 19th at 7:00 PM on stage in the BHS auditorium. You might want to come. Here is the link to the article:


It is now 7:30 AM and the sky is back to blue. It looks like the firefighters have been successful. The structure in question is surely devastated. My hunch is that people will pull together to help.

Keep in touch.

Kurt Gergler